About the project:

I do a photo series of friends with their families every 5 years. In 2013 I collected video material about the group of friends from the year 1980 and onwards, made by parents and friends themselves. I made a film of it and as a joke it was named "The Old Kids Diesel". After the film the idea arose to take pictures of the friends, who now all have a family. This allows you to see the friends "grow up" throughout life.

Five years after the first photo series of the friends in 2014, the second series started in February 2019 and finished at the end of December of that year. 5 years later, the difference between photo techniques is huge. Now the friends have been photographed in front of a green screen and then expertly placed in a theme. Because the idea originated from old video images and today many people watch Netflix, the images are inspired by well-known TV series. Every family has its own series.

Aftermovie Expo VP19

Project details:

Client: un-commissioned work
Date: 04 February 2020
Category: Project
Technique: Sony Alpha 7RIII
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